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Mules Around the World

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hen one thinks of

donkeys and mules in

Colombia, theyprobably

conjure up an image of a Colombian

coffee farmer pulling a raggedy

donkey with bags of coffee on its

back. Well after meeting Luzma

Osorio at the Bishop Mule Days in

2014 and being introduced to her

family’s mule breeding program in

Colombia, I want to share with you

a different perspective – luxury

riding mules that are attracting

international attention.

The Osorio Family Ranch and Stud Farm are

tucked in the lush, tropical countryside near

the town of Medellin, known as the City of

Eternal Spring. Ovidio Osorio and his family

have dedicated their life to raising quality

mules for saddle and pleasure. As in most rural,

farming areas, mules were mostly used for

transportation and work. But as civilization has

progressed, there is less need for the working

mule. Ovidio decided to change the norms

and breed luxury riding mules. By raising the

standards of the “Criollo” donkeys as well as

the Paso Fino mares, they breed larger mules

with incredible stamina, smoothness of gait,

and sound conformation. To maintain these

desired standards, an excellent donkey stallion

was needed with the characteristics of the Paso

Fino—his name is Cosaco de Villa Luz. He was

deemed the Best Donkey Stallion of Colombia in

Colombia -

a Beautiful



and mules

The Flower Fair Calvacade

by Sandy Powell